Delivering Premium Cannabis to Canadian Consumers

Why Should you choose BC Chronic Bud

In the simplest of terms, quality.

BC Chronic Bud aims to deliver the best quality cannabis to the Canadian market through tight connections with the best in the industry. We carry only the best products available and have curated a top quality collection of amazing products for you to purchase.

Every product we sell has been hand selected by our team of experts and is guaranteed to be of the best quality available. If you are not satisfied with a product we will be happy to exchange it for something that meets your satisfaction. We don’t let up on the quality and you should expect nothing but the best from us.

Premium Quality Products
Sourced From Reputable and High Quality Vendors
Discreet and Fast shipping all over Canada
Based in Vancouver BC – The Heart of Canada’s Cannabis Industry

Fast and Discreet

We pride ourselves on providing fast, discreet and safe shipping on all our orders. Each package comes safely bundled in smell proof and watertight packaging.  We then package them in discreet packaging and send it off using Canada Post to ensure that your package arrives quickly and safely.

If you have any more questions regarding our shipping policies. Please check out our FAQ page for more answers!  For inquiries please contact