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After receiving your products, we hope that you love them just as much as we do! Write a review on the reddit and receive $10 credit for each review or a free 12-pack Kaya Edibles 300mg ($20 Value) on your next order


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Earn $10 For each Reddit Review on r/CanadianMOMs Please follow the review rules if you are going to post on Reddit as we will not be accepting any entries that do not follow the guidelines for each of the communities.Here are some review ideas you can use.You could give ratings out of 10 for each as a ‘title,’ or use any title you choose.

  1. MOM name (Use 2 stars ** before and after the name to make it bold)Example **BC Chronic Bud** will show as BC Chronic Bold on reddit
  2. MOM info: (communication, customer service, processing time, shipping/packaging, etc)
  3. Strains/Concentrates/Edibles/Products and Pictures: (share what you got and what you think – looks, smell/nose, taste, potency, effects, etc).
  4. Pictures can easily be uploaded to and shared from image hosting websites like and then posting the link to it.
  5. Incentivized for leaving a review?: (Yes/No)

REDDIT (r/MOMpics) |

Earn $10 For each Reddit Review on r/MOMpicsTemplate Guideline & Important Rules

  1.  Title Format should follow: [Strain] – [MOM] – [Month Ordered]
  2.  Cannabis/ Marijuana only. No pictures of anything other than cannabis flower.
  3.  No direct links / No Sales! This subreddit is strictly for reviews and pictures only. No sourcing, sales or links.

Please send us an email with your review link to [email protected] so we can verify and provide you with a store credit on your account.