Calling Doctor Moms

Calling Doctor MoM!

MoM’s always have the answer when we’re sick, whether we’re just trying to get around going to another day of school, or if we’re genuinely sick. Before this year, I bet you’ve never heard of social distancing, at least, not in the way it’s being prescribed today. Amidst all this commotion and panic, pot sales have soared like we’ve never seen before. Mail Order Marijuana businesses like our own are no different.

Whether Covid-19 and Social distancing is forcing a new way of life and culture or not, what is certain is that delivery services like Delivery Meds are here to stay.

If you’re like us, seeing lines as long as a block or more is such a strange and unheard-of occurrence. People are lining up, trying to avoid contact with each other while trying to still live their lives the normal way. You see this with cannabis shops around the nation, line ups with stoners stockpiling, unaware of when they might make their way back to the shop. If you’re a member with Mail Order Marijuana businesses like Delivery Meds, then skipping those troublesome and risky lineups is a great benefit.

MoM’s Are Super Hero’s!

Mail order marijuana businesses like hours offers you the same eclectic variety of products you’ll find instore. The only difference is that there’s a smaller risk of becoming infected because there are less people between you and your recreational or medicinal cannabis. What’s wonderful is that you gain access to products such as rosins, shatter, hash, vapes, CBD capsules and a great variety of cannabis strains without ever having to traverse in public.

While businesses have slowly begun to reopen with caution, there are still risks associated with shopping in store. Cut all those risks out today by signing up with BC Chronic Bud. Whether you’re interested in dried flower products, extracts, vapes, capsules or more, shopping with BC Chronic Bud is the place to do it.

Register with Delivery Meds today in 3 easy, simple steps. Sign up, get approved and order your product! It really couldn’t be any simpler. Just place your order and we will deliver it.




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