CBD Skin Care Alternatives

How CBD creams can make skincare nightmares fade away.

It’s true what they say: Not all skin creams can be made the same. Some are simply better than others.What we think makes all the difference in a health topical cream is one ingredient: Cannabidiol.

We know that sounds like a mouthful. That’s why people often refer to it as CBD, it’s easier. Other skin care products simply cannot compare to these products, and CBD infused creams will always outperform the competition.

CBD cream

Because of this, CBD creams and tinctures are flooding the market. There really is no doubt as to why if you’ve been paying close attention. CBD creams are the best over the counter solution to treat skin issues. If you have acne, pimples, eczema or dry skin, applying ‘conventional’ skincare creams as treatments can sometimes fall short. If you have a skin condition like one mentioned above, we suggest you consider looking into CBD Creams.

Here’s the deal:

When you rub products like Tiger Balm on sore or inflamed areas on your body, you’ll notice the pain from the injury begin to fade and the swelling go down. If you have any pets who like to lick you and you’re worried how it might affect them, all you need to know is that CBD is not psycho active. That is, it doesn’t get you ‘high’, so you won’t have to worry about your furry little friend having any special trips.  You can also expect the CBD in the cream to get absorbed through your skin relatively quickly.


Creams like Tiger Balm are usually mixed with other standard skincare products such as aloe vera and coconut oil to give it a nourishing boost. This Tiger balm is mixed with vitamin E oil, eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, tea tree, lavender, cinnamon, wintergreen, amber and good old-fashioned beeswax (may contain traces of nuts!).

As you can tell, all the ingredients listed above are either pleasant smelling, or have some positive benefit in maintaining healthy looking and feeling skin. That’s why we love this product.

These creams can be a fun change from the unhealthy and consistently more expensive pharmaceutical industry. Deciding to buy products made from medical cannabis can really help make a difference. Keep your skin health and stick to a smart routine. Pick it up from BC Chronic Bud, your go-to mail order marijuana service!

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