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BCCB is now offering the legendary oil concentrate made by the well renown Rick Simpson. Self-created to treat his own cancer ailments, Simpson developed this ‘miracle’ oil on his own after lots of research. This 1.0ml syringe can be used recreationally or is well suited to help mitigate some symptoms for your medical needs. Whether you’re looking for relief from typical aches and pains or interested in treating symptoms from something a little more severe, this Rick Simpson oil is what you’re searching for.
Look for this and other CBD and THC cannabis products inspired by the legend himself.

1 review for BCCB Rick Simpson Oil 1.0 ml

  1. jgoga (verified owner)

    ‘Rick Simpson Oil’… I always get a kick out of that, one guy taking credit for what we all knew and did. Cudos to the dude though for publishing a very nice description of the process and good suggestions for the delicate art of decarboxylization.

    It’s the standard 1.0mL oral syringe with the standard 500mg (min.) of THC, that has become my standard life support for years. It has been decarbed to near perfection, there is a little flavour; it is hardly “contaminated” at 2% CBD; it compares well to everybody else’s let’s just say.

    I don’t need to fuss with warming it up under water, it’s quite thick at room temperature but easy to dispense accurately.

    I have verified it’s potency for eating, and I pass that along to you now.

    I have not verified if it is smokable, or if it is in a CMT base. Will let you know… Regardless of my “can this be done” results, if you are looking for a smokable / vapable concentrate, shatter is more potent and *much* more pleasant.

    But it is awesome to have this solid go-to on hand…

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