Vape Cartridge


Fits any EVOD standard battery

Made from premium extracts

Looking to buy more than one? Order 3 vapes and get them for $100 for all three, order 10 vapes and get them for $310 for all ten! Discount is applied automatically at checkout!!

Northern Lights (Indica)    Birthday Cake (Indica)   Tangie (Sativa)   Bannana Kush (Indica)   MK Ultra ( Indica)

RSO (Hybrid)    Green Crack ( Sativa Hybrid)    Blackberry  ( Indica )   Distillate Stix ( Hybrid)  Sour Diesel ( Sativa)

Lime (Hybrid)  Cola (Hybrid)  Grape (Hybrid)  Orange Soda ( Hybrid)  Watermelon ( Hybrid)




Vape Cartridge
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