Earn rewards to get free store credit.

Want to earn valuable rewards that will get you free credit on BCChronicBud.com? We’ve started a brand new rewards program.  Take a look below to see all the ways you can earn points with BCCB or visit our Rewards page on the website to get all the details.

Shop in the store

Each dollar you spend in store gets you 1 point towards your next purchase. Thats like getting 1% back on every dollar you spend at BCCB

Post a Review on Reddit or CanadianMom.info

Post a reiview of a product you purchased on CanadianMom.info or reddit.com/r/CanadianMOMs/ and get 2000 points ($20) for every review you post! Just email us at bcchronicbud@gmail.com with a link to your post and we will add the 2000 points to your account.

Refer A Friend

Earn 1000 points ($10) when you refer a friend to BCCB. When they sign up and spend at least $100 in store you get 1000 points added to your account that you can use to buy even more from BCCB. Just follow these steps and your friends will be able to start buying right away and earning YOU free product.

  • Sign into your BCCB Account
  • Go to your My Account Page
  • Get your referral link and share it with your friends.
  • When you friend uses your referral link to sign up with BCCB and then spends $100. 1000 points are automatically added to your account.

Post a Review on BCCB or Tag Us on Instagram

Earn 100 points when you tag us on instagram in a post or make a review of a product you purchased on the BCCB website. DM us your BCCB username on instagram when you tag us and we will add the 100 points to your account.

How to redeem your points

Redeeming points is even easier.  Just enter the amount of points you want to redeem in your cart or at check out and the value of those points will be added to your order.

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